About me

My name is Alice Caroli and I am 23 years old. I live in Viterbo, but I have been studying for three years in Rome at the University for Translators and Interpreters, Gregorio VII. Now I am about to graduate.


The pages of this blog are dedicated to illustrate my graduation thesis, entitled “Women’s beauty yesterday and today”.

It is a journey through that microcosm of lights and shadows that the world of female beauty is: a world which looks gilded, full of glamour and allurements, but which really hides lots of dangers and traps.

Through my historical excursus, I have tried to show there is not a female beauty canon which is absolute, objective and goes through centuries and latitudes. In fact, over the time the prototype of female beauty has changed deeply with the cyclic alternation of thinness and voluptuousness as aesthetic canon of reference. Cycles and recycles of history. And of fashion.

It is just to find out the secrets, the misteries and the contradictions this gilded world hides that for my graduation thesis I have chosen to look into that variegated and involved reality that the universe of female beauty is.

My work is an historical reconstruction of the canons of female beauty from the prehistory to the present day, but at the same time it is an act of accusation, a denunciation against the present society of image and ephemeras, against the current cult of beauty to which some important values, such as success, power, social appreciation, wellness, are often linked.

The obsession about beauty is leading many women to act on their body even violently, with strict slimming diets, aesthetic touches, up to treatments of plastic surgery just to be close to the perfect models of beauty offered by mass media.

The result is that nowadays women are becoming more and more slaves to the image, more and more touched and standardized and less and less free to be themselves, instead of improving and enhancing their individuality, while the beauty industry profits from their obsession to please and to like themselves.



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